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holland was in the world cup final yesterday. they lost. a win would have been some kind of indirect homage to ben. we were in NL together during the 98 world cup, he was on the champs when the french won, so somehow NL and the world cup seem tied to ben. too bad it didn’t work out. i miss him though. haven’t seen him in years but i still miss him. halo.

hup holland

holland beat brazil to advance in the world cup today. hup holland! when i was in the hague in 1998 holland got to the semifinals of the tournament. and i remember watching the oranje team play while we lived in seinpostduin–we turned a folded french flag on its side to root for the dutch. of course, all of this brings back memories of ben. ben went to paris for the finals, and was on the champs elysee for the huge post victory celebration by the french. i really hope holland wins this year. to me, in its own way, it will be a commemoration of ben. i miss you buddy. HUP HOLLAND!